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School is coming…

When you’re going in circles, it’s time to re-write your habits & gain new perspectives. Sometimes what the soul needs is change. My thoughts on the incoming semester, which I am certain will be one for the history books. I go back to school next week, and due to last-minute changed plans, I will beContinue reading “School is coming…”

On Empathy and Perspective

Everyone is born with different capabilities. Therefore, each person’s accomplishments will differ, and that’s okay. My brother has problems that cause slowed mental maturity. All my life, I’ve been used to praising him for the most “ordinary” of tasks, such as preparing his own snack or taking out the trash. When I was younger, IContinue reading “On Empathy and Perspective”


“Where did the society I inhabit come from, and what part will I play in it?” This question was sparked by my recent viewing of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical. It’s a piece of creative genius: the wordplay, historical components, and sheer ingenuity of the 2.5 hour musical blows me away. Here are my thoughtsContinue reading “Legacy”

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