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“If L.A. is focused on fame, then New York is focused on wealth and D.C. is focused on power.” An employee at my internship told this to me and my fellow interns earlier today. But he continued, saying that there are so many great hearts working here, so many people trying to improve our country.Continue reading “D.C.”

Death & Friendship

A lot can change in a week. The naivety of my youth was recently tapered by the death of my grandpa. After I returned home from the semester, I found out my grandpa was in the hospital and not doing well. I drove over to be with my grandma and grandpa, who had returned homeContinue reading “Death & Friendship”

Season of Growth

It’s almost March, I went outside without a coat, and I chopped my hair. I’m writing this on 5 hours of sleep, which if you know me, is not enough. I stayed up until 2 am talking with friends (it was very much worth it) but now I feel like a corpse. This semester hasContinue reading “Season of Growth”

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